Your BNI experience is not limited to the Chapter

Your BNI experience is not limited to the Chapter

How many of us make the most of our BNI memberships? Here is prime example of thinking outside of the box and utilising the BNI network to help you in your business.

There we were in a local coffee house the other morning, two BNI members having a 1-2-1, discussing ways we could help each other find business opportunities and referrals, when we were interrupted by the diner on the next table.

“Excuse me, are you talking about BNI?” he had overheard our conversation and it rang a bell with him. He was an ex-BNI member from another area and proceeded to tell us about his experiences.

He asked about our chapter, where and when we met, and how many members we had. We answered his questions, gave him a card and of course invited him to come along to a meeting soon.

After he left, we continued to speak about the conversation and Cainan told me that he always answered ‘at least 2000’ when asked about the number of members. He says that it usually raises an eyebrow but then he can explain that one of the advantages of BNI is that we can grow and develop our network beyond the chapter we belong to.

In fact, he was able to put this into practice himself recently when his colleague had set up a couple of meetings for him in the Whitby area, with a 3-hour gap in between. To maximise the time effectively he used the BNI application (unique to members) to connect with local members and as a result has now booked himself two 1-2-1 meetings.

We can all take a leaf out of Cainan’s book and look at the bigger BNI picture beyond your home chapter.

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