What makes a bad referral?

What makes a bad referral?

Each week our Education Co-ordinator James Brooksbank provides us with a 3-minute insight into how we can become better networkers and help our development.  This week he focussed on what makes a bad referral.

What is it that makes a bad referral? Not every referral has to equal a payment of any type.

When someone sends out a request for a referral, then the evaluation of what makes a bad referral needs to take into account the person and their request.

So firstly… how do we avoid bad referral – there are 2 main steps:

  1. Listen to their 60 seconds – each week this could change for an individual so keep those ears open, or eyes if sign language is used
  2. Have a one 2 one – you may know someone who would provide a great referral, but they may not have matched with the 60 seconds.

Work with your chapter to ensure that you don’t get a bad referral, but mistakes happen, take the time to explain to people why it was a bad referral.

We have to work as a team to get things done