What is Mentoring?

What is Mentoring?

Each week our Education Co-ordinator James Brooksbank provides us with a 3-minute insight into how we can become better networkers and help our development.  This week he focussed on mentoring.

We hear the term mentoring every week, but what is mentoring in the framing of networking. A mentor can come along in many ways… it may be someone assigned to us, someone who makes an impact on your viewpoint or someone who has the patience to help you refine certain aspects of your networking life.

BNI uses the mentoring program to help new and existing members develop their skills base to ensure they get the most out of their BNI membership… but it doesn’t end there. Throughout your time in BNI, you should be open to new potential mentors who can help develop you but not only that, be open to using your own skills to help others in the chapter.

Mentoring is about helping people gain confidence in the various aspects of networking, from presenting to planning. How to expand their network, find referral partners, discover the different roles available or even learn the best way to contact other people in BNI.

Personally above all that, a mentor provides you with a shoulder to lean on regarding the many things that disrupt your progress in work, life and BNI.

Open yourselves up to mentoring, and open yourselves up to being a mentor.

I want you all to think about your BNI journey and think of an example of someone who is in you BNI journey as a special mentor to you or how you have helped someone else within your chapter.