Top Question: Who are UW and how can I trust them?

Top Question: Who are UW and how can I trust them?

We asked each BNI Focus member what question are they most asked professionally and how do they answer it?

Derek Stubbs of UW, domestic energy and utility provider

Q: Why have I never heard of Utility Warehouse (UW), and how can I trust it’s any good?

A: UW is solely a Word of Mouth Business. The company chooses NOT to spend £200-£300M annually on expensive promotional campaigns on TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, instead, it would rather channel those savings by not advertising by giving its 650,000 happy customers the best service at the lowest prices, & it is fully regulated by Ofcom, Ofgem and the FCA & is listed on the London Stock Exchange.  It’s also backed up by WHICH? Utility Brand of the year 2020, regularly outperforming every other supplier for the last 10 years, & who else provides you with your own personal account manager, me.

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