The Dreaded B Word – Brexit

The Dreaded B Word – Brexit

Help and support for companies having difficulties with EU Transition

When is a business coach not a business coach? Or maybe that should be when is a business coach MORE than a business coach?

The answer is when the business coach is Sam Bridger of Bridger Consultancy. As well as being a qualified coach, who works with Managing directors and business owners to take a step away from daily activities to work on their businesses, Sam is also a qualified Export Manager.

With Sam’s experience in exporting all sorts of products from wallpaper to toys such as Teletubbies and Bob the Builder, she is just who you need to help you and your company navigate the changes brought about by that dreaded B word – Brexit. In addition to the expertise, it certainly helps to talk and share what you are going through. We’ve saved the best news until last – there is also some financial help available* if you are experiencing difficulties with EU transition. Have a chat with Sam for more details and how to apply.

*until end of March 2021