Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

“I went to see Suzette after suffering from terrible back, hip and shoulder pain after spending too much time on my computer during COVID and also too much time on the sofa watching boxsets on TV for escapism.

I knew my bad posture was to blame but I couldn’t seem to fix it so I booked in with Suzette who discovered I was standing with one of my hips higher than the other which was shifting everything out of alignment whilst standing and sitting.

Following that first session (incorporating full COVID safety protocols) I was amazed that most of the pain had disappeared and my spine no longer felt like a concrete lamppost but I could move and stretch each part of my body in turn.

Subsequent sessions combined Suzette’s expert bodywork with her energy work to ensure the blood and nerve supplies were flowing as they should… and she also offered advice to optimise the results at home.

I am pleased to note that Suzette’s assessment during our most recent session indicated my body was working as it should and only required a few minor adjustments…

I can honestly say that I feel tons better; moving less stiffly and being able to sit at the computer when required but also know when to get up and exercise to prevent further damage… my posture has greatly improved too… Thank you very much, Suzette.” Hayley Hilton September 2020