Testimonial for Suzette Pulman

“I went to Suzette starting last year around September after starting WYC and being recommended to her by Dave Mcnicholl. I suffered with a sciatic nerve in my lower back and had general lower back problems which meant I was in quite severe pain every day and suffered neck problems such as locking and cracking due to a horse riding injury 3 years prior. Due to personal issues and not being in a very good place for several reasons I never sought help for this and learnt to put up with the pain, often being extremely restricted in movement due to my back. Since seeing Suzette who told me my back was aching due largely to my injuries and being actually out of alignment meaning I was shorter on one side by several inches, I am now a lot better. My hip is more aligned, I walk better, stand straighter, have lost a lot of the hunch from my neck and am in a lot less pain now thanks to her healing hands, osteopathy treatments and amazing peppermint oil. I have recommended Suzette to several people and can’t believe the change. Not only do I feel better physically, but I honestly believe it has helped me mentally and spiritually (whether you believe in that or not). I always say I should have seen her sooner as I feel like a new person. I now go once every 6 weeks for “maintenance” and love going as she makes you feel so welcome with her down to earth and caring nature and I feel so much better afterwards on so many levels.” Cherise Duffy (July 2016)