Testimonial for Sam Bridger – Business Coaching

Testimonial for Sam Bridger – Business Coaching

What can be said about Sam Bridger, the only business coach I know who I pay attention to.

Firstly, in my opinion, an important trait in a business coach is the ability to listen and analyse whoever has been fortunate to take on Sams advice.

From there, the patience to give that person the time to think about their business or personal goals and give them the ability to fully bring things into focus.

At the same time, in a lot of cases, a strong hand is needed. Not to punish, but make people accountable to their course of actions.

These are all qualities needed from a business coach, and Sam has these in abundance.

But this is just one string to her otherwise excellently crafted bow. Moving onto her export experience, although personally, I have not been in the position to fully benefit from her expert knowledge.

However, I have had the lovely experience of introducing her to one of my best friends who is just starting out in creating an export business. From my discussions with my friend, I know he has no qualms about looking to her for advice when things get moving again for him and I’m looking forward to hearing more about their relationship developing.

Sam is not only a great business coach, power team coordinator and export consultant, but a trusted confidant and friend and I will never have a problem recommending her to people I know and trust.

Plus she also supports the correct football team.

James Brooksbank (December 2021)