Testimonial for Sam Bridger – Bridger Consultancy

Testimonial for Sam Bridger – Bridger Consultancy

Sam offered to help me out with some long-standing issues I had with the way I was running my business. She helped me to realise that I could make a few small changes which would impact the way I quoted for work. I used to use a ‘finger in the wind’ strategy which, more often than not, would leave me out of pocket and feeling more than a bit deflated. She helped me to realise my self-worth and ultimately take better control of my entire quoting and billing system.

Sam has also introduced me to a free, web-based, timekeeping application which has been a tremendous bonus and enables me to log, very accurately, all time spent on current projects. I can edit the set up to suit my needs and track all ongoing work at a glance.

Only small changes but what a difference!

Sam is always keen to share knowledge and help businesses. I would urge any business owner to take up Sam’s offer of a free initial chat to discuss the potential benefits she could bring to their business.

Thanks Sam!

Neil Cummins (December 2020)