Testimonial for Hayton Consultancy

“I would like to thank you for the recent service and support you have provided to Warrington Youth Club and the support you have provided to me in dealing with a specific case over the past six months. Both you and Kerry have been amazing in the support and advice you have given to all of the staff involved and although the case has become more complex than initially anticipated you have been steadfast in the support you have given. I would personally like to express my gratitude as you are aware this situation has been very challenging and presented a host of new challenges for me to address.  I would also like to thank you for your support with recommending a solicitor who had both the experience to support this situation and also understood the financial pressure this situation has placed the organisation under.  Your support with the review of the HR processes that the organisation has established has been excellent as you have critiqued the existing processes and made valued recommendations to allow the staff team to develop their knowledge and understanding of the situation and the processes.  I would and will strongly recommend you to friends and colleagues and as a result of your professionalism and friendly approach.  Thank you for everything” David McNicholl, Chief Executive (July 2013)