Testimonial for Dave Clamp

“I would like to thank you for the service you have provided to some of the staff and volunteers involved with Warrington Youth Club over the past six months. The Boot Camp has been a fantastic opportunity for those that have chosen to or been able to become involved. The manner in which you deliver the sessions are both sensitive and supportive and the term Boot Camp almost does a disservice to the way you run the sessions.  Thank you for the donations that you have made on an ongoing basis to Warrington Youth Club as you are aware the charity strives to work with over 2000 children and young people and we need to generate over £500000 each year to support this number of young people.  On a more personal level I would like to thank you both for the support and focus you have given me to focus on my own fitness something which is a real struggle in the wider context of work life balance. I also wanted to formally thank you for the transformation that you have assisted with in one of the younger members of staff. As you will be aware when she started boot camp she had weight issues and had been referred to weight management specialists. Not only was the weight an issue but her confidence was severely affected. Since starting the boot camp and changing her diet she has lost over three stone in weight and become far more confidence and reassured. She was always a really competent member of staff and all that held her back was her confidence. Since losing weight and increasing her confidence she has become more effective in her role and seems to be generally a happier person.” David McNicholl, Chief Executive, Warrington Youth Club (July 2013)