Styles Warriors

Congratulations to the intrepid team of Warriors from Styles and Co who completed the Total Warrior 10k course on Saturday 3rd August in 1 hour and 40 mins.  The specially designed challenge incorporated obstacles with titles to terrify the non-Warriors amongst us including the Human BBQ, Grand National, The Shocker, Dunking Time, Muddy Funster, Spiders Web and The Trenches.  Details of the full course and descriptions of the obstacles can be found on the Total Warrior website.  The Lakeland course also meant there were a number of natural obstacles thrown in to create the ultimate test of strength, stamina, agility and mental determination.  Team work was the name of the game and the four Styles Warriors helped each other throughout and crossed the finishing line together.  To date just over £1,000 has been raised by the team for the Warrington Youth Club, so thank you to everyone who has donated so generously.. and it’s not too late to pledge your support by visiting the Styles Warriors fundraising page.  From left Stuart Hurst, Steven Norton, Graeme Hindley and Scott Sumner