Making Travel Dreams Become Reality

Making Travel Dreams Become Reality

Good morning I’m Katie from Snapshot Moments Not Just Travel your personal travel consultant.

Why should you recommend me to your clients, friends and family?

I am hugely passionate about the travel industry. When I was a kid, my parents would always book our summer holiday at Lunn Poly, one of the reasons being because I begged to go into the nice shop that smells like holidays instead of one of the others. I later learnt this was because they added coconut scent to the air con which was used to entice people into the shop and get us excited by holidays for a 10 year me it truly worked and I would say is part of the reason I wanted to join the industry.

I don’t just book holidays, I research, look for the best deals and support my clients throughout the whole journey from pre-departure, during and on return. I look forward to a follow-up call when I get to hear all about the fantastic time they have had on that well-deserved getaway.

Relationship building is key to the success of my business and I love getting to know a variety of people with different interests and travel wishes.

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