Long Covid and how Osteopathy can help

Long Covid and how Osteopathy can help

Suzette Pulman is an osteopath and poet.  She often uses her poetry for her 60 seconds and today her latest prose focussed on Long Covid and how osteopathy can help

With lockdown reducing, I should feel quite pleased

As the UK steps out from the threat of disease

But I’m still feeling tired, muscles aching and sore

As I’ve had my ‘long covid’ for six months or more.

The illness itself was horrific enough

The six weeks in hospital endlessly tough

Scared, lost and helpless, couldn’t breathe on my own

And now I’m still frightened, just frightened at home.

What was taken for granted now feels very hard

With muscles now wasted and lungs that are scarred

It feels like I’ll never be normal again

That I need some help now is increasingly plain.

Lymm Clinic’s the place I can find what I need

A chat with Suzette, and my panic recedes

She sets up a plan to encourage and treat

And assures me I WILL soon be back on my feet!

With my rib cage and diaphragm soothed and unwound

The confidence lost is gradually found.

The muscles once weakened are active and strong

And I finally tell my ‘long covid’ – “So long!”