HR functions use mobile apps

HR functions use mobile apps

James Brooksbank of Constructsys – creators of innovative mobile apps for their HR clients – delivers his 60 seconds as a story to demonstrate the work they do.  They are too good to not share with you.

“She let out a slight moan, her limbs were starting to shake and she started losing breathe. She glanced up at him. Slowly their eyes met. 

“Is it in yet?” she said in an exasperated tone.

“Nearly” he responded, “Just one push”

He let out a large sigh…

Shirley smirked, if her HR representative came in now, they would definitely have a problem. Having Mac stand on her shoulders while he screwed in the monitor was definitely a health and safety no no.

Her business recently introduced an app developed by a dashingly good looking geek from Constructsys, which provides a way for their HR staff to report infractions like this and it would mean that they would have to record another hour of training. The app has made their business more efficient and made it easier to comply with legislation, but it makes it harder to get away with shortcuts like this.

“Maybe we should have just got a ladder,” she said to Mac as he glanced back at her.

Constructsys can provide mobile applications to make recording activities easier and more efficient”

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