Finton Doyle is 10

Finton Doyle is 10

Finton Doyle Chartered Accountants have celebrated a milestone recently – 10 years in business – here’s what Mathew Forshaw says:

“What an incredible few months these have been!

Not only did we complete the office move back in July, welcomed Leanne into the fold as the newest member of the team in August and continued to take on new clients during the COVID pandemic, but biggest of all this month we’re celebrating 10 Years of Finton Doyle Chartered Accountants!

Obviously, the big plans we had for an event to mark this milestone with clients and friends have been put on hold for a little while longer. It’s looking likely that we’ll have a celebration in September 2021 in our 10th + 1 year – we’ll just have to make it extra special!

The world has changed massively in the last decade…

On the political front, we’ve seen Brexit and Donald Trump – who predicted that one? – whilst on the business side, we’ve gone from the global recession of the banking crisis through a period of growth and stability to the global health crisis and further economic hardship.

Meanwhile, technology is becoming ever-more dominant as we continue towards the paperless office and find new ways to help our clients adapt to a continuously changing world.

As always we have a constant stream of new rules and regulations to contend with, whether it’s tax changes or new business regulations such as GDPR.

As accountants and business advisors we’re kept very much on our toes. Variety is the spice of life, so they say! They also say that the only things in life you can rely on are death and taxes (we’ve got one of them covered at least!) but I’d like to add in a third – that nothing stays the same forever.

On a personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s supported us through the ups and downs of the last decade. There are far too many to name individually, but I have to give special thanks to Kerry and Robert for their hard work and support over the years, as well as to Chloe and Leanne who have both joined us more recently.

Most of all though I would like to thank all our clients for their continued support, many of whom have been with us since the start and before that in my previous role. This is the one thing I am proud of the most.

Here’s to the next 10!”