Educational Slot – Finding the Ideal Sub

Educational Slot – Finding the Ideal Sub

Some chapters mistakenly believe that having a short list of willing members and ex-members from other chapters is a good way to solve the ‘Substitute Problem’ In reality, while it undoubtedly appears easier for members if they don’t have to ‘find’ a substitute for themselves, in the long run they, and everybody else in the chapter, gets less business.

The Ideal Sub

  • Someone who could join BNI – a person who could become a really good client for a number of your members and could benefit from BNI themselves.
  • Your best client – they could become a great customer for other members and give you a GREAT testimonial.
  • Your supplier/service providers – this gives the opportunity to see how the member can help them with their network.
  • Your business partner/member of staff – helps the group to know more about the members’ business and educates their staff members about how to help find referrals for the group.
  • A relative or a friend – as long as they are over 18, experiencing it first hand they will perhaps appreciate why you would want to get up so early in a morning!

So you see, finding the ideal sub is important.  In your absence…send a good substitute to give a good referral!


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