Coras IT Offer CloudCare

Denis McAllister of Coras IT announced at today’s BNI meeting; AVG’s new CloudCare consisting of 3 elements; 1. AVG anti-virus: The best anti-virus product bar none, at a very economical price of £1.25 per month for a single PC. It is cheaper still if you subscribe for 1 or 2 years; a 2 year subscription is just £22.50 which is what you would probably pay for a one year ‘off the shelf’ product. Existing AVG licences can be transferred over to the new service. 2. Content Filtering: Are you worried about what you employees get up to on the internet when you are not around? Content filtering can be configured to block various types of websites. This will prevent them from inadvertently downloading malicious software, or using Facebook etc. during work hours – yet allow access in the lunch break.  This is just £18 for 2 years. 3. Remote monitoring: Either myself or the business owner can monitor all the machines in the business; making sure that the security is properly updated, alter the security settings and receive alerts of problems.  These alerts can be about any computer related issue and not just the AVG products. What is more should there be an issue, Coras IT can take control of the PC to explore it further and provide support This remote management facility is FREE, even to people who don’t have or take an AVG product, so one could opt for just the remote support service.  Further good news is that all the products are FREE until the start of January.  For further information contact Denis McAllister