(Another) Testimonial for Ryan Munnelly of The County Group

(Another) Testimonial for Ryan Munnelly of The County Group

I would like to thank Ryan Munnelly from the County Group for assisting me with my various insurance policies.

One of them which I forgot to re-new came to an end. I sent over the information to Ryan late on a Friday night and by 10 am Monday morning a new policy was in place. Not only did he sort this policy out for me, but he also advised the best way to do things to make it easier for me in the future.

They are now in place at a very good price and more cover than I previously had.  Ryan made the process very simple for me and the speed at which it was carried out along with the advice was exceptional.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to my network and as my other renewals come up I will certainly be putting them in Ryan’s direction.

Thank you again.
Matt Carey
MC Commercial Finance Ltd