A Patients Journey by Suzette Pulman

A Patients Journey by Suzette Pulman

“She’s got perfect posture,” her friends say of her
As she steps through her day with such grace and such flair
Her spine all aligned and her shoulders in place
With a spring in her stride and a smile on her face.

But what they don’t know is that’s not all the tale
For several long years, she was tired and frail
Unable to move without pain and distress
And nothing seemed able to help her progress.

She trained as a runner when she was a teen
Became undisputed regional queen
An injury left her unable to cope
And little by little, she lost every hope.

The end of the story? Step forward Suzette
Who little by little has helped her forget
She’s loosened off muscles and realigned bones
And brought back that posture for which she is known.

So our story’s moral is “Look all around –
Take stock of your life, think about what you’ve found.
Are you held back by pain, has your life become hard?
Then go up to Suzette, for some osteopathic magic!

For some osteopathic magic of your own, contact Suzette Pulman of Lymm Osteopathic Practice for an appointment or advice.