60 Seconds – it’s a free advert!

60 Seconds – it’s a free advert!

At every BNI meeting, everyone gets 60 seconds to make an impact!   It is strictly timed to say who you are, what you do and who is a good referral for you.

That introduction takes about 10 seconds, which leaves roughly 50 seconds for you to make an impact.  How can you maximise this remaining time for the maximum outcome?  Make it memorable, make it different from week to week…it’s your chance to educate!

Tell a story – people like stories and they provide a platform for people to relate to.  It will place your business or service in context – handy if your offer is difficult to explain.  it can plant a seed of an idea as to how people can refer you.  Try and make it witty, make it engaging, use a prop but generate some sort of emotional response which will cause people to remember it.

Make notes – don’t rely on memory. Plan it properly.  Sometimes you will think of something fantastic to say and then forget when it is your time to pitch to the room.  It reflects well on you and your business if it looks like you have made an effort too!

Listen to radio commercials – How much information can a business get on a twenty second commercial?  You have three times longer.  Study the structure of how those commercials are put together and apply similar principles to your own 60 seconds.

Name someone – Think about your business offer and make an effort to find the name of someone who you’d like an introduction to or who would benefit.  The business community is widespread and small and it’s amazing who knows who!  You only have to look at your mutual connections on LinkedIn to realise this.

Help your sales team – They want to refer you but it’s up to you to instill the information and the sales message in their heads.  Make it easy for people to refer you, keep it simple, give concrete ideas of the things to say.  If your 60 seconds is muddled, complicated and unfocused it will make it difficult for people to refer you.

Listen to other people’s 60 seconds – sounds obvious but we have lots of visitors to BNI who don’t know you and you don’t know them. Listen carefully and look for synergy and opportunity between what you have said, or are planning to say and the others in the room.



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