15,000 feet and falling

Congratulations to our longest serving member and resident ‘old timer’ Daniel Dunn who last weekend took to the skies in a plane and then jumped!!  Here’s his account of the route down “In perfect conditions the plane heads out over the Fylde coast, sun glinting off the water of Morecambe Bay. Climbing 3 miles in the air it banks left, we look down on Blackpool tower, appearing as big as a pencil stood on end and return to the airfield.  The door opens, we slide to the edge, feet tucked under, head back, Paul, the instructor, and tip forward and exit.  After an initial rush, it goes calm, just seeming to be suspended in space, your line of sight expands in all directions to infinity, we’re in free fall, hitting 0 to 60 mph in a second and terminal velocity 120 mph in under 2.  Paul opens the chute, we seem to go back up, it now goes even quieter, serene, the patchwork of fields spread out below no longer seeming to get larger.  Paul begins to turn and twist through the air, spotting a lonely cloud, he heads for the middle, we’re now surrounded by thick fog, nothing to see, nothing to hear, then back in to the sunlight. After too short a time, Paul calls for the landing position, feet up we glide in to the new mown grass for a very soft landing, what a rush!  A big thank to all of you that have donated and supported Kidscan in their very valuable work.   Kindest regards, Daniel”

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