12 Days of Christmas – Drummers

12 Days of Christmas – Drummers

Guess what happens in 12 weeks… that’s right, Christmas.. and considering I was walking through Tescos the other day and they already had their selection boxes out, I don’t think I’m too early, and if you think I am well bah humbug to you ..

On the 12th week before Christmas, my true love gave to me….

12 Drummers Drumming

How does this refer to BNI I hear you ask. You probably aren’t but I’m going to warp this rather innocuous verse to beating the BNI drum.

Now zoom is fairly different, but we still have opportunities. When you manage to get out and risk the outdoors, do you have your lapel badge? If you have a BNI folder, is it up to date, you may have run out of business cards for other members, do you remember business cards, ahhhhh 2019, if you have, maybe you want to have a small print out or note of members and what they do so you can talk to people about them.

When you’re on social media, sharing face remapped images, ignoring recruitment companies on LinkedIn, are you sending out anything related to your BNI activity, like sharing if you have a referral or advertising the thank you for the business from the meeting?

What other unique ways can you think of to beat the drum for BNI Focus.

I wouldn’t recommend breaking social distancing to whisper in someone’s ear that they should come to BNI, but try and think outside the box.

Anyway, that’s the first one…. so next week is week 11

by James Brooksbank