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We welcome visitors every Thursday morning, currently we are holding our meetings online using Zoom.  When Covid-19 distancing restrictions are lifted we will return to the Warrington Golf Club. The start time for our meetings is 6:45 am and will finish at 8.15am.

You are welcome to attend, meet many like minded business colleagues and find out how BNI can help grow your business!

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Testimonial for Sam Bridger of Bridger Consultancy

Testimonial for Sam Bridger of Bridger Consultancy

“I was originally introduced to Sam Bridger at my first meeting at BNI Focus. We hit it off immediately as we each talked about our businesses and I confided in Sam that I had been struggling to grow my business in a way that felt right with me and it was evident that Sam actually listened to my challenges as she made a few suggestions that were specific to my needs, not some off-the-shelf advice that I had been privy to previously.

I knew that joining Sam’s Business Mastermind group was a great step to explore my own issues with her genuine coaching nature but in reality, this group has given me so much more. From that very first session online 3 months ago, we were all welcomed in a safe, non-judgemental environment and Sam showed us that although our businesses differed on the outside, there were a great deal of similarities in the challenges that we were each facing. This meant we all learnt something each session and each had ideas to take away and work on; whether we were starting out, looking to change direction or just looking at new ways of exponential growth.

Sam guided us expertly to find our own solutions to whatever was holding us back and prompted us to think of the issues in a different way, often by bringing insights in from each other too as an open, collaborative process. For myself specifically, Sam helped me get some clarity on specific admin issues and self-limiting beliefs, proving that I was more than capable when I attacked them in a different way after seeing it through fresh eyes and I have grown tremendously in these areas.

It has been a true pleasure to work with Sam in her Mastermind group and occasional 121 sessions and I highly recommend business owners of all sizes to working with Sam, as she has a way of bringing out the best in you and your business in ways you never thought possible.

Thank you again Sam x”

Hayley Hilton, Hands on Heart Canine Massage 

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