Visitor Mornings

We welcome visitors every Thursday morning, currently we are holding our meetings online using Zoom.  When Covid-19 distancing restrictions are lifted we will return to the Warrington Golf Club. The start time for our meetings is 6:45 am and will finish at 8.15am.

You are welcome to attend, meet many like minded business colleagues and find out how BNI can help grow your business!

Be Part of the Crowd


Testimonial for Heather Higgins

“I wanted to say a personal thank you for doing my POA and those of my family.  In your 60 seconds, you always combine humour with knowledge and advice, so I was aware of the need of POAs. With what has happened subsequently, I am so glad we did them when we did.  Coming to our house took all the hassle away. You were caring and considerate at all times and made a tough subject easier to deal with. You put my family at ease with her lovely manner and they are a tough audience. My mum gave you the highest accolade of “Isn’t she a lovely woman!”.  You explained everything carefully and you took the time to ensure we fully understood everything that we had to do and sign.  If anything should happen, life would be awful enough but at least now there will be one less thing to worry about. Thanks Heather Regards Sam Bridger

Valli Opticians – providing telephone consultation

During the Coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown, Valli Opticians are offering a telephone consultation service for anybody who has an urgent eye problem. This could be related to a sudden eye health issue such as loss of vision, sudden change in eye health or loss of glasses or contact lenses required to fulfil every day tasks. For anything of this nature call James on 01925 810884 and he will arrange for an optometrist to speak to you

BNI Focus embracing life online

During the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic and following the UK Government guidelines, the weekly BNI meetings where we meet face to face have had to be suspended. However, BNI were quick to jump into action and they launched BNI Online. On Thursday 26th March, BNI Focus had their first online meeting. Starting and finishing at the usual time and incorporating all the elements of a usual BNI meeting including the Education Slot, 10 minute speaker presentation, 60 seconds from each member and the important contribution section. We are welcoming businesses to visit, contact us to arrange.

No Meeting this week

In line with official advice relating to the Coronovirus Covid-19 and guidance from BNI, our meeting will not take place this week.  However an alternative will be available for next week onwards – information will be provided ASAP.

Why would you want to be a great networker?

17 habits of great Networkers

A good networker builds you a great reputation and that leads to lots of business.
The ethos of BNI is Givers Gain, or in other words ‘what goes around, comes around’.

What do great networkers do?

  1. They prepare for meetings – by thinking about who will be there, and what they can do to help them.
  2. They usually arrive earlier and usually leave later than others, to maximise their networking time.
  3. They don’t spend all their time with just one person; they mingle, and network openly.
  4. They are more concerned with learning about other people than giving out their business cards.
  5. They actively listen out for opportunities to help other people and make a point of introducing people who might have shared interests.
  6.  They prepare by being specific about
    – who they want to be introduced to, or what to listen out for
    – what you should say to those people.
  7. They show respect for their fellow networkers by focusing on what they have to say,
    and not being distracted by their phones.
  8. They give up their time to help without asking anything in return.
  9. They put aside time during the week to follow up meetings and other peoples’ requests and turn leads into qualified referrals. And they seize the moment by doing it sooner, Rather than later.
  10.  They share those requests with their spouse, work colleagues, friends and associates.
  11. They have 1-2-1s, and structure them towards understanding how they can help.
  12. They identify super-contacts (‘power contacts’) and share value with them regularly.
  13. They show a genuine interest in other people, as people
  14. They recognise that they never stop learning.
  15. They regularly make time to develop themselves through reading and training.
  16. They are positive, enthusiastic and fun.
  17. They are authentic, they are consistent, and they listen more than they talk.

Testimonial for DNG Building Services

“I approached DNG Building Services for some work I wanted carrying out, Dave Leather contacted me via phone and had a chat about what it was I wanted, he then came to see me at my property and measured up then contacted me a few days later with a full breakdown of cost and also listed every single part of the job I had asked him to do. I was very impressed with the professionalism Dave showed throughout the entire process. The quality of work was amazing and the price was very affordable.  Thanks Dave” Ryan Munnelly (January 2019)

Testimonial for Ryan Munnelly – County Group Insurance

“This is the second time I have worked with Ryan over the last few months. Having been impressed with Ryan’s handling of my business cover I immediately contacted Ryan for a car insurance quotation as my son had just passed his test and we were about to purchase his first car.  As before, Ryan attended to everything in a very prompt and professional manner. However, whilst he was arranging the cover Ryan spotted a mistake in relation to the documentation the car salespeople had provided (namely the wrong registration number). Had Ryan not spotted this my son would potentially have been uninsured and or received penalty points on his driving licence through no fault on his part.  This ‘mistake’ also meant there was a delay in being able to arrange the cover; resulting in me literally siting in the car showroom having bought the car and having no insurance. However, once again Ryan really helped out. He spoke to all the parties concerned, sorted out the problem, placed the vehicle on immediate cover and emailed me the insurance certificate…and he did all that in the time it took me to finish a drink in the showroom.  What could have been a disaster ended up being no more than a little inconvenience thanks to the way Ryan took control of the situation.  Thanks for your help Ryan; much appreciated.” Rob Higgins (December 2019)

Evening Visitor meeting – Thursday 28th November

Next week on Thursday 28th November we are swapping our usual morning meeting to the evening for one week only! Visitors are welcome to join us to meet the members and see how a BNI Chapter meeting is run.  The meeting starts at 6.00pm, with a buffet available from 6.15pm.  The meeting concludes at 8.00pm. The cost is £13.  To register call Helen on 0790 3727750 or email