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Our next Guest day is Thursday 31st October 2019, but if you can’t wait that long contact us to arrange a visit

The start time for all dates is 6:45 am at the Hallmark Hotel in Grappenhall and a full breakfast is provided. A wide range of visitors are expected and YOU are welcome to attend to meet many like-minded business colleagues and to find out how BNI can help grow your business. Providing your business/profession is not in competition with any of the existing members you will be given the opportunity to speak for 60 seconds about your own business.

Contact us to confirm your place.

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Hand on Heart - BNI Focus Warrington

Hands on Heart

I can re-energise Your Dog.  Are you interested in significantly reducing soft tissue or muscular pain (and possible Vet bills) in your Dog using non-invasive but highly effective techniques?  Is a dog you know possibly slowing down on walks or struggling to get on/off the sofa or up/down the stairs like they used to?  Is a Dog you know possibly suffering from an orthopedic condition like Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia and the pain killers are only taking the edge off?  Well I can help get some quality of Life back to your Dog with Clinical Canine Massage Therapy and will even send your Vet a report to explain my findings/treatment outcome to complement and/or reduce any treatment they recommend.


Company: Hand on Heart
Contact: Hayley Hilton
Telephone: 07736041156
Twitter: @HayleyHilton13

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