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We welcome visitors every Thursday morning, currently we are holding our meetings online using Zoom.  When Covid-19 distancing restrictions are lifted we will return to the Warrington Golf Club. The start time for our meetings is 6:45 am and will finish at 8.15am.

You are welcome to attend, meet many like minded business colleagues and find out how BNI can help grow your business!

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Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is part of Telecom Plus plc, and are financially vetted and regulated by
Ofcom and Ofgem, to trade on the London Stock exchange.  Voted by WHICH as the Utility Brand of the year 2018, & shortlisted again in 2019.

Providing over 650,000 people in the UK, award winning essential services, such as Gas, Electric, Home phone & broadband, mobile, all on an easy to understand SINGLE monthly statement.

Collectively, they Guarantee to be cheaper, or they give you Double the difference back.
Unique benefits are…Free LED bulbs, cashback card, Free Gourmet society membership.

All backed with a LOCAL PERSONAL Service, me, where you can call the same mobile number as
all my personal friends and family have, what other Utility company offers this personal service.

The company is 23 years old, and uniquely, unlike other companies in the same arena, does not waste it’s customers money on advertising, instead, they utilize that money to reduce their rates, and offer the best customer service in the UK.

Book me in for a FREE review , where I’ll attempt to put money back in your pocket.


Company: Utility Warehouse
Contact: Derek Stubbs
Telephone: 07801 479253

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